PondBuilder Elite Biological Waterfall Filters

The PondBuilder Elite line of pond equipment was inspired by imperfections of other lines of pond equipment. It’s very heavy duty, easy to hide, has fittings molded into the tank, and comes with everything needed to install.


PondBuilder has been available in the marketplace for quite some time. Typically used by folks who have had ponds or professional installers that have installed ponds before, PondBuilder Elite Pond Skimmers and Pond Waterfall Filter Boxes eliminate many troubling aspects of the installation process.

For Example:

  • Most Garden Pond Waterfall Filter Boxes have “bulkhead” fittings that have to be installed for the pond hose to attach to the unit. These can and do leak if not installed properly. PondBuilder Elite Pond Waterfall Filter Boxes use”Spinweld” fittings that are molded into the tank eliminating the chance for leaks.
  • If you have ever installed a waterfall filter before, it’s common knowledge that they are hard to hide. Common practice is to find a thin slab of rock or two to cover the unit completely making cleaning difficult and cumbersome. PondBuilder Elite Pond Waterfall Boxes have a unique Removable Landscape Lid allowing the installer to landscape over the top of the filter. Since the lid is removable, removal for cleaning is a snap!
  • PondBuilder uses Matala Mats increasing filtration effectiveness. And yes, Matala mats make a huge difference. Our technicians began switching out Matala pads in ponds we service 2 years ago. Frequency of cleaning is less and efficiency of cleaning is more!
  • The Reversable Weir Feature allows for the installer to use the lip of the Pond Waterfall Filter Box or locate the lip to the inside of the box for strategic boulder placement.
  • The Octagonal Design prevents bowing, expansion, and/or contraction of the Pond Waterfall Filter Box.

Filter Model

Waterfall Width


Max Pump Size

Max Pond Size

Inlet Size

14″ Elite


23″ x 24.75″ x 21.75″

3500 GPH

1500 Gallons

(2ea) 2″ FT*

22″ Elite


31″ x 30.5″ x 23″

6000 GPH

3500 Gallons

(2ea) 2″ FT

30″ Elite


31.75″ x 40.5″ x 25.75″

10,000 GPH

6000 Gallons

(2ea) 3″ FT

40″ Elite


35.75″ x 50″ x 30.75″

20,000 GPH

10,000 Gallons

(2ea) 3″ FT

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Parts Avail.

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