Microbe Lift Algaway 5.4

Microbe Lift Algaway 5.4 boasts nearly twice the amount of active ingredient of AlgaeFix, but issafe & effective when used to treat green water, string algae, and hair algae. Sorry, this item cannot ship to Canada. 


Algaecide For Ponds – Stops String Algae and Green Water Algae Growth

Control Algae Growth and Eliminate Green Water in your Garden Pond with Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4!

  • Safe for use with fish and plants and will keep your Pond Water clear and beautiful. 
  • For optimal results, mix required dosage in bucket and distribute to impacted areas or distribute around the perimeter of the pond 

Note: If the pond water looks like pea soup or is really green it may be necessary to do a partial water change before treating
with Microbe Lift Algaway 5.4. As with any liquid algaecide for ponds, the algae cells have to be coated with the algaecide.
If the water is very green, the prescribed dosage that is safe for fish and plants may not be enough to clear up the water.
Doing a partial water change thins out the algae cells rendering the product very effective.


Available Sizes

  •   8 oz. (ALGA08) Treats 2,839 gals.
  • 16 oz. (ALGA16) Treats 5,678 gals.
  • 32 oz. (ALGA32) Treats 11,356 gals.
  •   1    Gallon (ALGAGAL) Treats 45,424 gals.
  •   2.5 Gallon Tote (ALGA2.5) Treats 113,560 gals.


  • Any algae control product reduces oxygen levels In ponds.  Take care to make sure pond pumps are operating properly prior to use to ensure adequate aeration. 

E.P.A. Registration # 14802 – 8 – 74466 MSDS Download

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