Natural Pond Flocculant Sheer Clear

PondMarket Sheer Clear biologically & safely “polishes” Pond Water


PondMarket Sheer Clear Pond Clarifier clears cloudy, murky, muddy, and just plain dirty Pond water by pulling floating, microscopic & larger particles together into bigger particles that are big and heavy enough (but still minute) to settle or be picked up by the pond filter.
Sheer Clear only contains ALL NATURAL ingredients and works better than most products that contain chemicals! We developed Sheer Clear to “polish” our Display Ponds because they must look great any day of the year.
Sheer Clear is Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Pond Plants & Pond Fish.

Can be applied anywhere in the Fish Pond, Garden Pond or any Water Feature. 
Just measure the proper amount and pour into the pond water. It’s that simple!

Sheer Clear will not cloud the Pond water temporarily like other flocculants produced by leading manufacturers, and often makes pond water appear not to be there – it makes it that clear. Your Pond fish will look like they are swimming in air!

  • Super Concentrated – 16 oz treats 16,000 gallons (1oz treats 1,000 gallons or a teaspoon for 166 gallons)
  • Clears Cloudy and Murky Water
  • Activates with First Dose
  • Safe for Pond Plants and Pond Fish
Koi in very clear Pond Water


To apply: simply pour recommended dosage anywhere in the pond. There is no need to pre-mix and dispurse like Accu Clear or other pond clarifiers or flocculents. 


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