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Compact pond skimmer filter for use in our out of the pond. Excellent at drawing water from stagnant areas and to improve pond circulation. 

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Atlantic Water Gardens PS3000 Pond Skimmers are excellent for use in any pond where space is tight. Measuring 13"W x 13"D x 25"H, it fits in the tightest of spaces. Atlantic Water Gardens PS3000 Pond Skimmers can be added to any existing pond and can be used as a submersible pond skimmer or buried in the ground and attached to the pond liner. 

PS3000 pond skimmer filters can be used with our without a pump. How can a pond skimmer filter work without a pond pump? Simple: connect the PS3000 pond skimmer to an existing pond skimmer with a bulkhead and flexible pond tubing. The draw of the pond pump from the main skimmer will also draw water through the PS3000 pond skimmer. This makes the PS3000 pond skimmer an excellent addition to a koi pond or water garden with poor circulation. 



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