Microbe Lift Sludge Away

Powerful Beneficial Bacteria formula to attack Pond Sludge.


Have a Rock Bottom Garden Pond? This blend of Microbe-Lift Beneficial Bacteria eats the Garden Pond Sludge so you don’t have to drain the Pond!
Particularly helpful for Ponds with rock and gravel bottoms, where Pond Vacs cannot easily be used, but a worthwhile treatment for every pond to help
avoid having to drain the Pond for clean out.

Features and Benefits of Microbe-Lift Sludge Away:

  • Binds phosphate.
  • Helps improve Pond Water Clarity.
  • 100% ingredients- no fillers.
  • Dispenses quickly.
  • Organic and Microbial based.
  • Bio-degradable.


Basic Application Rates: Up to 1 ounze per every 100 gallons.

** Please note: May temporarily discolor the water and surrounding rocks, but this will fade quickly and everything will return to normal quickly.

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