Activated Carbon for Ponds 1lb Bags

Activated Carbon for Ponds safely removes tea color from leaves and mulch as well as other toxins

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Mesh media bag sold separately; Carbon must be rinsed before adding to pond

  • Removes odors
  • Breaks down deadly toxins
  • Removes “tea” color from leaves and/or mulch
  • Removes organic pollutants
  • Removes fish medications
  • Removes impurities
  • Polishes pond water

Activated carbon is used in fish ponds, water gardens, koi ponds, and other water features for many reasons. Activated carbon can be used to remove stinky odors from the pond, pull out chemicals that were accidentally added to the pond, and/or to make the water look so clear that the fish are swimming in air.

Sold in 1lb bags for your fish pond, water garden, koi pond, or other water feature. Activated carbon can be placed anywhere in the pond or it can be added into any pond filter or pond skimmer filter.

There’s no exact science as to how much carbon a given fish pond, water garden, koi pond, or other water feature may need although we at PondMarket have devised the below table over the years:

There are three reasons a person wouldadd carbon to the pond:

  1. to increase the effectiveness of the filtration system
  2. to increase the clarity of the pond water
  3. to fix a problem; i.e. odor, tea color tint

The pond, pond fish, pond plants, and other wildlife cannot be hurt by carbon.


Pond Size For Increased Filtration

and/or Enhanced Water Quality

To Fix a Problem
0 – 2000 Gallons 2lbs 4lbs
2000 – 5000 Gallons 4lbs 8lbs

Carbon should be changed out every 8 weeks unless it’s being used to fix a problem. In these cases it should be changed every 4 weeks.

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