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Savio Skimmerfilters can be used as sole pond filtration, they accept UV clarifiers, and have a round design to prevent warping and collapsing.

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Savio Skimmerfilter 16" Faceplate Savio Skimmerfilter 16 SS000016
Savio Skimmerfilter with 6" Faceplate Savio Skimmerfilter with 6 SS00006
Savio Skimmerfilter with 8.5" Faceplate Savio Skimmerfilter with 8.5 SS000085
Savio Skimmerfilter without Faceplate Savio Skimmerfilter without Faceplate CS0000


Savio Skimmerfilters Combine 4 Types of Filtration for minimal pond maintenance and optimal water quality

  • Undoubtedly the hardest working gardening product in your pond, the Savio Skimmerfilter™ dramatically reduces pond maintenance while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity - its all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment. All four systems work in harmony, in one easy-to-install unit that saves you time and money.


  • UV Filtration - Savio Skimmerfilters™ are the only skimmers on the market with a patented integrated UV system (sold separately) - a safe, chemical free way to eliminate green water. At PondMarket, we recommend the Aqua Ultraviolet UV clarifiers for reasons of longevity and warranty claims. Savio UVs are not known for longevity or hassle free warranty claims.


  • Skimming Action - Pulls debris from the surface of the water, capturing in a rigid leaf basket with handle for clean, no mess disposal


  • Biological Filtration - Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize the skimmerfilter, converting biological waste from fish, ammonia and other toxins to inert forms for healthier ponds.


  • Mechanical Filtration - The skimmerfilter protects and extends the life of your pump, providing a place to conceal ugly equipment and plumbing. When used with a biological filtration system, the skimmer prefilters debris allowing your filter to work more efficiently.


  • The skimmerfilter's super strong injection molded housing and cylindrical design resists warping and compaction in the ground, winning the approval of landscape and irrigation professionals everywhere. The SS0000 is large enough to accommodate a large submersible pump or two medium size pumps. The Savio Skimmerfilter™ works as a Complete Filtration Solution for ponds up to 1,000 gallons or can be combined with a waterfall filter for larger ponds and/or increased filtration.


  • Three faceplate assemblies are available to accommodate a variety of pump sizes
Savio Skimmer Max Pump Size Skimmer Dimensions
with 6" Facelate 2000 GPH

27¾" x 25½" x 24"

(L x W x H)

with 8.5" Faceplate 5000 GPH
with 16" Faceplate 8500 GPH



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