ProSeries FastFalls Waterfall Spillways

If you have built waterfalls in the past, experienced trouble hiding the waterfall spillway, had leaks where the hose attaches to the waterfall spillway, and had leaks where the pond liner attaches to the spillway, this may be the waterfall spillway for you!


Atlantic Water Gardens developed the FastFalls for the hobbyist and and pond installer to be able to easily add a waterfall to an existing pond and for Pond Free Water Features. This product remains very popular today. For the enthusiest or the pond builder looking for a waterfall box to seamlessly blend into the landscape the Big Bahama Pro FasFall boxes are for you!

There are a few things that set this unit apart from other waterfall spillways/boxes:

  1. The pond liner attaches to the back of the unit with a round flange that the hose fitting penetrates. This allows for the Atlantic Water Gardens Pro FastFall box to sit inside the liner eliminating any chance for a leak.
  2. The molded support cones give the Pro FastFalls incredible stregnth and diffuse waterflow. A PondMarket employee jumped on top of the SP1900, he weighs 200lbs, and the unit did not flex at all!
  3. There are 2 internal water baffles to ensure even distribution of pond water across the waterfall spillway.
  4. The Atlantic Pro Series Big Bahama FastFall has a raised front radius to hold back loose gravel, mulch, soil, or whatever may be used to camouflage the unit.
  5. The Atlantic Pro Series FastFalls are completely sealed except for the spillway opening. This prevents leaks from “over pumping”. Too large of a pump often causes the water to splash over the sides and/or back of the waterfall spillway – this is impossible with the Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series FastFalls.
  6. Atlantic Water Gardens Pro Series FastFall waterfall spillways all come with installed 2″ or 3″ spinweld fittings. NO BULKHEAD TO INSTALL!
  7. One piece liner flange and molded inserts almost guaranty a leak free liner and hose attachment.
Model SP1900 SP2600 SP3800
Dimensions 20.5″W X 17″D X 10.25″H17.5″W X 17″D X 10.25″H39.5″W X 17″D X 10.25″H
Waterfall Width 19″26″38″
Max Pump Flow 4000 GPH*6000 GPH*9000 GPH*
Inlet 2″ FIPT*2″ FIPT*3″ FIPT*

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