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Winterizing Your Pond E-Book

This e-Book offers important tips for winterizing in all climates

Check out our newest downloadable Tri-Fold

on how to prepare for Fall!

How to Dig A Pond Ebook

How To Dig a Pond E-Book

Need to know How to Dig A Pond? This step by step e-book will help and guide you through building your dream pond.

Pond Fish Ebook

Pond Fish E-Book

This e-book can help you pick what Pond Fish to purchase and has tips and hints on how to care for them.

Pond Formulas Ebook

Pond Formulas E-Book

Liner, Pumps, Lights, and Fish.With so many numbers to consider with your Pond, this is the perfect e-book to find them all. Easy to use formulas to help create or maintain your dream Pond.

Spring Start Up Guide

Spring Start-Up Guide for your Pond E-Book

Everything you need to know to help you get your pond back to where it was before Winter.

Trouble-Shooting Guide

Hints and tips on how to diagnose and fix common Pond problems.

Guide to Diagnosing & Treating Sick Fish


Algae- "the big green monster"

Although not harmful, no one likes a green Pond. Here are some ways to get rid of and prevent algae

How to Build Pondless Waterfalls


Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

I Bought a New House, with a Pond!

Two new homes in one day! This Ebook shows the basics to figure out what you need to do to care for an existing Pond and Pond equipment

Basic Pond Care Ebook

Basic Pond Care E-Book

During the year, you need to know some basics in maintaining your Pond. Here's a free e-book you will want to check from time to time.

How to Build A Waterfall Ebook

How To Build a Waterfall E-Book

Wanting the sights and sounds of a Waterfall? This step by step e-book will walk you through how to get it from start to finish.


Froggy Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Froggy Christmas Jig Saw Puzzle E-Book

You like Jig Saw puzzles? Here's a fun puzzle for the family.

German Christmas Recipes

Christmas German Recipes & Traditions E-Book

German Recipes and Traditions at Christmas time. What a great way to start off the year. Especially if you have Winterized your Pond.

Koi Varieties Puzzle

Koi Varieties Puzzle E-Book

Here's a wonderful puzzle for the Koi enthusiast. It's great for the kids too!


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