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Pond Calculators

Unit Conversion Calculator Pond Volume Calculator Pump Cost Calculator Pond Salinity Calculator Total Max Dynamic Head Calculator

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Pond Fish

Vibrance 16.5 lb Box-0

  Pond Fish bring life and color to the pond. We have listed the Pond Fish that are best suited for the Fish Pond. This page includes information on Koi, Goldfish, Algae Eaters, and bottom feeders like catfish and some other creatures which are fun to have in the Pond. Koi     Lots of koi…

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Seasonal Pond Tasks Calendars

Southern Ponds (Zone 9 + 10) Southern Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina and all of Florida Jan – Feb Net Leaves and Debris out of the Pond – add Beneficial Bacteria Remove Growth on Rocks and Waterfall with Rock Cleaner Add Barley Product to prevent stringy Growth Observe Pond Fish for Sores & Parasite –…

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Pond Formulas and Stuff

   Please download our various eBooks (many titles available) for general formulas to figure gallons in the pond, liner size, etc….. (just click on the eBook picture on the right to see the complete catalog of eBooks). Other Pond Formulas Find more helpful books we have selected in other “Pond Information” pages. Here are more great…

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Koi and Garden Pond Water Quality

  Low Maintenance Koi Ponds, Fish Ponds, and Water Gardens Low maintenance fish ponds, koi ponds, water gardens, and garden ponds can be setup easily with the following: a pond filter system, beneficial bacteria, a pond test kit, tap water conditioner, a barley product, pH decreaser, phosphate remover, and pond plants. With that said, a…

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How to choose Pond UV Filters, Ultraviolet Clarifiers, and Sterilizers

EA BioPRO 4000-0

  There are 3 components discussed in this article:  Ultraviolet Clarifiers, Ultraviolet Sterilzers, and UV Fiters. For information about pond filtration, click here.  One misconception of ultraviolet clarifiers is that they “kill” beneficial bacteria. Ultraviolet fixtures can kill beneficial bacteria when sized and used with that as the goal. Most ultraviolet clarifiers are too small,…

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How to choose Pond Fish Food

Emperor Aquatics BioPRO Koi Pond Filter

Quality Pond Fish Food for Koi and Goldfish keeps the Pond Fish healthy & helps maintain the quality of the Pond Water. Our most popular foods are our proprietary floating bulk mixes: Basic Bulk Koi and Goldfish Food, Spring/Fall Bulk Koi and Goldfish food, and our Steak Mix bulk Koi and Goldfish food. It is important to remember that what goes in…

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An Introduction to Pond Plants (Aquatic Plants)

The terms “Aquatic Plants” and “Pond Plants” represent a wide range of Plants growing in several habitats. Some Aquatic Plants grow in deep water. Lotus and Water Lilies (Deep Water Plants) are the most famous of this pond plant group. Others grow in the shallower margins (Marginal Plants) of the pond. Many pond plants like…

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How To Choose Pond Fountains

Garden Fountains, Water Fountains, Pond Fountains, and Fountain Pumps A Water Fountain in your Garden Pond lends a touch of elegance to a garden pond or water garden as well as to larger water features such as farm ponds. It also adds much-needed oxygen to the fish pond to aid the filtration of the water…

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Important Facts About Pond Fish Health

Pond Fish, like all living creatures, require that certain conditions in their environment be met to sustain their health in Ponds Koi, due to their mature size and their longevity, need a little more care than goldfish. Pond Water has to be reasonably clean and totally free of chemical agents. Any new water that is…

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