Pond-Free Waterfall Install St. Charles, MO.

Laguna Replacement Filter Bag for PT-831-0

This project was a lot of fun! We were subcontracted by a local landscaper to install a pond-free waterfall, or a waterfall without a pond,  into a blank landscape. He wanted the water feature in the landscape before anything else to set the tone for the surrounding landscape. This album not only show cases the…

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Preparing the Pond and Water Feature for Winter

Tetra Pond Floating Garden Pond Sticks-0

Wow…Leaves may be starting to turn and drop. Where did summer go? In the Midwest, summer never really got started and here we are reading about the upcoming fall and winter months. There is a lot of talk about “how to winterize” a pond, waterfall, or water feature. The question we get asked the most:…

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Prepping Your Koi and Pond for Spring

Isn’t it AMAZING how koi and goldfish go into “dormancy” and not eat for months on end? Then, in spring, once water temperatures warm up, they come back to life. This mesmerizes most folks, including me! Koi and goldfish, and the varieties within each species, are cold blooded meaning that their body temperature is the…

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