Medfinn Medicated Pond Fish Food Fact Sheet

1000 Gallon Tadpole Filter-0

MedFinn Medicated Feed What does MedFinn treat? MedFinn was developed to treat gram negative bacterial infections found on the inside of your fish. MinnFinn was brought to you to treat any of the external infections you encounter. Now AquaFinn is closing the loop with MedFinn to treat those stubborn internal bacterial infections that can cause…

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Mia and her Pondless Waterfall

ProLine Basic 3750 Pond Kit with Debris Filter

Mia’s project gained national attention from PondTrade Magazine. PondMarket worked with Mia’s handlers to create a natural stream simulating natural life of a serval along tributaries.

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A Water Feature Built for a Wild Animal

ProLine Basic 3750 Pond Kit

Unleashing a Pond Feature Fit for a Wild Animal By Aaron Burchett, PondMarket Published in PondTrade Magazine One weekday afternoon, a customer came into our store inquiring about installing a pond water feature. Interestingly, he followed it up with, “I’ve looked it up online and I really do not want to buy a bunch of…

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