Pond Plants

Koi eating the Pond Plants

Question: My pond is 1500 gals and 4 feet in water depth. This year I planted 5 hand batches of ragweed. I placed it in netting and weighted them down with a rock in each. They started to grow through the netting until the Koi caught on and they have eaten all of them. All…

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Where are the flowers

Question: I’ve got water lilies and water hyacinths in my water garden and other than a few flowers a copule of weeks ago I’ve has nothing since. The plants are healthy and fertilizer pills were added for the lilies, but no flowers. Is there a specific test and water additive that I should be performing?…

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Shipping of Pond Plants – Timing

Question: When will plants be available for on-line purchase? Answer: Plants generally start shipping beginning to mid-May, depending on the weather. Plants ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays to make sure they are not left in a facility on hot days over a weekend.

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