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Shockingly Simple!
Niagara Falls or Trickle?
Poisoning your Fish? 

Pond Shock !
 Shockingly clear water!
 Clear up the water and keep it clear!
 All natural and safe it contains literally billions of Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes to quickly make Pond water clear and safe!
 Get is HERE

Easy to use!
 Open the container and dump it in the Pond!
 It is as simple as that!

Maybe today you want a soothing Trickle,
but tomorrow Niagara Falls?

You can have both in your Pond with the adjustable and remote controlled
AquaSurge Pro Pump!
Adjustable water flow Pond Pump

Extremely Energy Efficient
Oil free
Will not corrode
Remote control (both water flow and on/off capabilities)

What is poisoning your fish?
Ever find dead fish without any visible signs of disease or predator attack?
It is an unfortunate – and rather common problem – especially this time of year.
Often the Pond Fish are now clamoring for food after the long winter,
but the Pond Filter 
has not yet kicked in enough to keep up with the waste
they produce and nitrite/ammonia spikes 
result, which are very toxic to Pond Fish!
It is best to prevent that by adding Bacteria (see above) and adding an excellent
and all natural, water conditioner 
Koi TLC which helps protect Pond fish from this evil.
Koi TLC Pond Water Conditioner and Chlorine and Metals Remover

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