Firefighter Tribute Koi Pond and Waterfall Installation

This pond was a pleasure to build. We were hired by a widow to rebuild her husband’s koi pond. The original pond was in severe disrepair and had an inadequate filtration system. The new pond features a bottom drain, Aqua Ultima Filter, 75 Watt UV sterilizer, and an Atlantic Water Gardens Big Bahama contractor grade…

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Aerating Fountain Installation

TetraPond Pressure Filter Replacement Foam-0

This is a DA-20 Display Aerating Fountain that is 1.5HP and moves over 700 gallons per minute! It was installed in the Bayberry Farms neighborhood in Barnhart, MO.

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Mia and her Pondless Waterfall

ProLine Basic 3750 Pond Kit with Debris Filter

Mia’s project gained national attention from PondTrade Magazine. PondMarket worked with Mia’s handlers to create a natural stream simulating natural life of a serval along tributaries.

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