Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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Pond Supplies including pond pumps, pond filters, EPDM pond liner and water treatments .
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Pond Market online catalog for pond supplies, pond filters, pond pumps, pond liner and more
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How to choose Pond Fish Food
(Koi Food and Goldfish Food, )

    Good quality Pond Food is formulated to keep pond fish healthy and helps maintain the quality of the pond water.
   Pond fish live in a special environment that allows only limited chances of finding natural food that would satisfy all their nutritional needs. It is also important that pond food be easily digestible to limit organic waste (which turns into Algae Food)  produced in the pond by using ingredients that are easily and more fully digestible by the fish.
    Pond Fish Food is usually formed into sticks or pellets that float on top of the pond water for longer periods of time to prevent them from falling to the bottom of the garden pond and fouling the water before they can be eaten. Different formulations of Pond Food are available for the cooler weather of spring and fall and the hot weather of summer. The digestive capabilities of the pond fish vary with the temperature of the pond water and these foods assure us that they receive all the nutrients they need during all these different circumstances.
For more information, please download our free Basic Pond Fish Care E-Book.

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