Good quality pond fish food for koi and goldfish is formulated to keep pond fish healthy and helps maintain the quality of the pond water.

Our most popular foods are our proprietary floating bulk mixes: our Bulk Basic bulk koi and goldfish food, our Spring/Fall Bulk koi and goldfish food, and our Steak Mix bulk koi and goldfish food. It is important to remember that what goes in does not all have to come out with regards to koi and goldfish food. Lighter, mass produced, and well marketed foods like Tetra Pond foods may not be the best choice as a primary food for koi and goldfish. Examining diets focused on quality and diversity produce more color, less fish waste, and healthier growth rates, especially with regards to koi. This means healthier koi and goldfish, cleaner and clearer pond water, and less pond maintenance.




Our bulk koi and goldfish food for sale on our website, on, and in our pond supply store in St. Louis, MO. provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, proteins, vegetables, pro-biotics, wheat germ, spirulina, and fruits. It is a floating food for koi and goldfish, does not cloud the pond water, and is highly digestable. PondMarket bulk koi and goldfish food (Steak Mix) even has montmorillonite clay, or koi clay, to ensure healthy mineral ingestion for those bright colors and distinctive patterns we all love when it comes to our hand picked koi fish. Steak Mix is a bend of floating koi sticks and floating koi pellets. We do offer a sinking koi and goldfish food, but, not in bulk.

When a better denser koi and goldfish food is fed to koi and goldfish, they will consume less food adding yet more value to bulk koi and goldfish food for sale at and in the store in St. Louis, MO. Take a look at the picture below. Both volumes of food weigh the same, 3.31lbs. Our Bulk Koi and Goldfish Food Steak Mix is roughly twice as heavy at half the volume meaning that your fish will consume approximately half as much when feeding koi and goldfish. They’ll eat half as much and arguably get more than twice what they need in vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables, color enhancers, etc.



Keep in mind, when feeding koi and goldfish, different koi and goldfish food is required for different temperatures because they do not have stomachs and are cold blooded. There are pond thermometers, feeding thermometers, and wifi temperature monitors to help determine what to feed koi and goldfish in different water temperatures.

Koi and goldfish metabolisms are proportional to the temperature: higher temps require more feeding and lower temps require feeding less food per serving as well as feeding a koi and goldfish food that can easily be digested. Koi and goldfish need to be fed a cool weather or spring/fall koi and goldfish food that contains wheat germ or spirulina.



Pond fish live in a special environment that allows only limited chances of finding natural food that would satisfy all their nutritional needs. It is also important that pond fish food be easily digestible to limit organic waste (which turns into algae food)  produced in the pond by using ingredients that are easily and more fully digestible by the fish.

Pond Fish Food is usually formed into sticks or pellets that float on top of the pond water for longer periods of time to prevent them from falling to the bottom of the garden pond and fouling the water before they can be eaten. Different formulations of pond fish food for koi and goldfish are available for the cooler weather of spring and fall and the hot weather of summer. The digestive capabilities of the pond fish vary with the temperature of the pond water and these foods assure us that they receive all the nutrients they need during all these different circumstances.

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