PondMarket has the healthiest and largest selection of Koi and Goldfish in the St. Louis Market. We have the nicest climate controlled showroom for Koi, Goldfish, and other Pond Fish St. Louis has to offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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To see what’s in store, see below. Call 314-894-2894 for availability as all fish carried are not always available from the farms.

In-Store, depending on farm availability, we stock the following:
Koi, Butterfly Koi, Imported Japanese Koi, Imported Malaysian Koi, Goldfish, Sarasa Goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish, Hifin Banded Sharks, Trap Door Snails, Plecostomus, Fantail Goldfish, Black Moors, Blue Catfish, Albino Catfish, and we offer FREE Bullfrog tadpoles with any purchase.

Koi-Goldfish-Banded-Sharks-Golden-Orfe-SnailsPondMarket offers the healthiest, best, and largest selection of Koi, Goldfish, Butterfly Koi, imported Koi, and other Pond Critters in the St. Louis Metro area. Many folks drive in from out of state to shop our fish room!

PondMarket brings in Pond Fish from some of the worlds best fish farms including Blue Ridge Fisheries, Kloubec Koi Farm, Huntington Creek Fisheries, Ozark Fisheries, and overseas breeders like Sakai of Hiroshima, Kona Koi Yamazakai, and Marudo.

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