Learn how to start up and clean the garden fish pond in spring.
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Pond Supplies including pond pumps, pond filters, EPDM pond liner and water treatments .
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Pond Market online catalog for pond supplies, pond filters, pond pumps, pond liner and more
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How to choose Pond UV Filters,
Pond UVC Lights - Pond UV Clarifiers
(Ultra Violet Clarifier) for Ponds!

   Pond Ultra-Violet Clarifiers expose water to ultra-violet light that clumps algae particles together to make them large enough to be picked up by the Pond Filter. There is also some evidence that they are beneficial by keeping the pond water healthier for the pond fish.
   Pond Ultra-Violet Clarifiers are the only sure way to control the free floating pond algae that turns water green (many manufacturers even guarantee it), but like pond filters, they must be sized correctly. The flow rate should be at least half the garden pond volume every hour, more if the garden pond is in full sun or contains several large Koi. Once a Pond Ultra-Violet Clarifier is installed, no further action to remove green water algae is required other than occasionally rinsing the Pond Filter.
    Quality Pond UVC Lights allow easy access to the ultra-violet bulb for quick bulb exchange and feature weatherproof designs. Distance between the bulb and the flowing water is also important, since it plays a role in the effectiveness of the equipment.
   Click here if you would like to use our QUICK CALCULATOR to figure the size of the Ultra-violet clarifier you need.

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Last April I came into your store, because I wanted to build a garden pond in my backyard. I knew nothing about it. I purchased a waterfall pump and you gave me so much useful information on pond building! Well, I can't thank you enough! It turned out beautifully! Jan (Mo)

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