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How To Choose a Pond Filter

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How to Choose Pond Filters It is critical that a Pond Filter and the Pond Pump that powers it be sized correctly. Pond Filters that are too small for the Pond will not keep the Pond Water (or the Pond Fish) healthy or clean. Pond Filters are engineered for a certain “flow rate” and it…

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What are Beneficial Bacteria?

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  Beneficial bacteria should be a regularly added item to any koi pond, water garden, fish pond, and/or garden pond. Although our ponds may look natural, they are far from anything but natural. Ponds in nature receive nutrients from the earth. Our ponds are cut off from the earth with a rubber pond liner. Beneficial…

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What to do about Pond Algae

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Free How to Get Rid Of Pond Algae E-Book  When it comes to getting rid of pond algae, whether it is string algae (filamentous) or green water algae (planktonic), there are several options for koi ponds, garden ponds, water gardens, and fish ponds hobbyists.   Controlling and Killing Algae in a Pond Requires Pond Balance Balancing…

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Pond Winterization Check List

Winter is here! Protect your Pond from the harsh elements! Use the pond winterization tips below to help your Pond survive the Winter! Links will take you to needed products in our online Pond Supply Store.   Pond Plants  Prune dead leaves (leave at least 3 or 4 inches of stems) Move hardy marginal Pond…

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