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Pond Skimmer Net Features (Pond Net Shown)

By Lori Luechtefeld As nutritional options for koi continue to expand, take a look at beneficial bacteria. Another ingredient trend receiving significant attention in the pond industry is the injection of beneficial bacteria into foods. “All of our foods contain living microorganisms,” said Carolyn Weise, consumer relationship manager for Ecological Laboratories Inc. “This addition seems…

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Featured Ponds Article in the Trends Section of the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

Readers of Trends magazine know the biggest trend in interior decorating is the exterior. Walls are tumbling down as homeowners seek to become one with nature. Along those same lines, gardening is quickly becoming America’s favorite pastime and within that industry is the rising popularity of water gardening. However, if it seems a bit daunting,…

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Hot, cloudy weather can spell trouble for pond fish

Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover

The Kansas City Star BETSY TAYLOR Associated Press When Mary Terry checked in on her half-acre pond earlier this month in southeast Missouri, she was confronted by hundreds of floating, dead fish. “It was devastating for me. I’d never seen anything like that in my life, or smelled anything like it,” she said. What happened…

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