Pond Filters

UV filter or clarifiers

Question: My pond develops string algea along with poor water clarity. Will a UVliter filter help this condition. THe pond size is 12 x 14 x 4 ft deep. Is there another product that will help this condition? Thanks John Answer: A UV Filter will help fix water clarity problems, but cannot help with string…

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Is a Waterfall Filter the right Filter for my Pond?

Question: During the extremely cold temps my filter is busted. It was 7 years old. I’m inquiring about the waterfall filters since my waterfall is pitiful. I have about 1000 gallons, and my pump is still working. I don’t have a skimmer and am not smart enough to install one. I’m just an old lady.…

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UVC Filtration

Question: Good afternoon from Colorado: I have a small 600 gallon pond and waterfall . my pump runs at 2400 gph and I would like to know if your pt1500 pressure flo filter would work to help keep alge down? the out put line from my pump to the water falls is 1.25 inch where…

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