Feeding Pond Fish in the Fall and Spring


I started feeding my common goldfish on a daily basis, this summer, using your PT-36 pellets. The results have been excellent.

As the weather (and water) cools I am given to understand that I need to switch to a cool weather food. Is this true and, if so, at what water temperature do I make the change?

Also, is there a point at which I can stop feeding altogether?
I live in Indiana and the pond ices over for several winter months.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Pastor Gene Deverick


Goldfish and Koi do not have a stomach and digest all foods with their colon.
Being cold water fish, their metabolism slows as the water cools and their ability to digest and absorb nutrients from foods diminishes.
It is important to switch to wheat germ and spirulina based foods once the water temperature sinks below 62 – 65 degrees to insure that nutrients are absorbed and to give them a healthy start to the winter period when they do not eat all.
All feeding should stop completely once the water temperature stabilizes at 48 – 50 degrees.
Fall preparation products, including cold weather food can be found here: