Filtering 1 million gallons in a Natural Pond


I have a lake (1,000,000 gal.). I have installed two skimmers, and a destratification air pump, and was interested in purchasing a UV/bio filter to clear up the water. The pond is plastic lined and clean water is added to account for evaporation. I was also interest in installing UV lights in each of the skimmer boxes to further clarify the water. Any suggestions on a UV/bio filter and UV lights would be greatly appreciated. I can also be reached at 928-580-5618. Thanks


A UV Clarifier or even a Bio Filter adequate in size to take care of 1 million gallons would need the Astrodome to house it and a Donald Trump to pay for it ;-))
A much better option to clean it up is a natural product like “Large Pond and Lake Cleaner”. It will take a little while (4 – 8 weeks generally), but it won’t break the bank.