Fixing a leak in the winter


i think our pond is leaking–level is down from 24 inches to about 6 inches–in winter how do we deal with this


Fixing a leak in the winter time can be a pain. If you have pond fish you are either going to want to patch up where ever the leak is now so you can keep your fish in the pond or try and transport them to different location until the spring when you can patch the pond without freezing to death.

If you do have Pond Fish be sure to have an Air Pump in the pond so your fish can have plenty of oxygen. If it takes a couple days for you pond to drop from 24 inches to 6 inches you might want to fill the pond when needed until the warm weather comes back.

If you decide to move your fish to a different location such as a bath tub, large barrel, etc. be sure to provide the fish with Air Pumps. Also note that moving your pond fish in cold weather is very risky. Quick temperature changes can kill your fish. So whatever you decide to do, please be careful.