Green and cloudy


the water of my pond is green and cloudy, I try several products, change the water…… and then turned green and cloudy. the pond has filter… nothing nothing


There are many things to consider when treating you pond for algae.
Are you using Beneficial Bacteria?
Where is your pH Level?
Are there plants in the pond (to both reduce nutrients and cover some surface area of the pond)?
Have you been using any kind of plant fertilizers?
Are you phosphate levels high?

The several products you have tried have probably all been algaecides. These products are great for knocking back algae growth or killing algae but they do not take care of the actual problem.

Before adding anymore products I would suggest checking your pH. Test your pH in the morning for a more accurate reading. If your pH is not between 6 & 8 your water treatments are going to be very ineffective. Also if your pH isn’t balanced your pond plants will not grow as well. If you pH is off there are Water Treatments that you can use to bring your pH back to where it needs to be. Fixing your pH is a slow process and this is why you should your pH first!

If you aren’t using Beneficial Bacteria, you need to start.
Beneficial Bacteria is going to help reduce the amount of nutrients in the water that Algae feeds Pond Plants. If you don’t have any in the pond you need to get some. “Floaters” or plants that floats Barley Products are another great way of reducing nutrients as well.

Do not use plant fertilizers in your plants when you are having an algae problem. Algae is also a plant and if it is fertilized it will go crazy.

Phosphates can be found in some plant fertilizers so if you have high Phosphate Levels you are going to want to reduce them in order to keep you algae from becoming even worse.

In order to get your algae under control you are going to have to take care of the actual issue. Reduce the nutrients and you’ll reduce the algae.