Fountains, Water Features, Free Standing Waterfalls


We offer a wide variety of free standing fountains and water features as well as fountains and water features for garden ponds, water gardens, and koi ponds. We also specialize in pond-less, pond-free, and water-less waterfalls. Recently, we added Aqua Bella Fountains to our product offering.


How to Install Fountains and Water Features


To make a free standing fountain, bubbling boulder fountain, basalt column fountain. a fountain out of a garden pot, etc, there are a few components needed: a basin, the fountain, a pump, and tubing. These components can be purchased together in kit form, like the Aqua Bella Fountain Kits shown above, or they can be purchased separately. If the piece for the water feature or fountain is ready to go, then all that is needed is a basin, pump, and tubing. Fountain basins can be buried in the ground or set on the ground and concealed with landscaping blocks.

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How to Build Free Standing Waterfalls using Stainless Steel Waterfall Spillways and LED Waterfall Spillways


Building a free standing waterfall can be challenging, but, is nothing that cannot be accomplished with a can do attitude. Free standing waterfall components are typically sold as 2 pieces: the stainless steel spillway or LED waterfall spillway and the corresponding basin kit. The basin kit has the pump, tubing, fittings, and other necessary components with it. The basin kits are made to fit the same size waterfall spillway: i.e. 24″ ColorFalls formal waterfall spillway will use a 24″ Basin Kit. Free standing waterfalls can be installed into almost any wall or block wall and there are spillways narrow enough to be installed into stone columns. These kits do not include the landscape block. Typically, the wall holding the stainless steel waterfall spillway or LED waterfall spillway is built first, the waterfall spillway installed, the basin kit located within the installation, and then the block is installed to conceal the basin kit. Decorative gravel is used to conceal the top of the basin kit. Anti-splash mats come with the basin kits to prevent splash and stainless steel splash rings can be purchased separately to conceal the anti-splash mat.

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How to Install Fountain Basins


To create a fountain out of a pot, or a rock such as a bubbling boulder, a fountain basin can be used. The below image is Atlantic Water Gardens Fountain Basins. There is a video below showing how to install a fountain basin. These basins hold a lot of weight (up to 1200lbs) and are perfect for use when turning a pot, birdbath, boulder, or other unique piece in to a fountain. These can be buried in the ground or simply set on the ground and concealed with landscape rock. The pump sits inside the basin and there are channels to easily install the fountain tubing.

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