Important Facts About Pond Fish Health

Pond Fish, like all living creatures, require that certain conditions in their environment be met to sustain their health in Ponds Koi, due to their mature size and their longevity, need a little more care than goldfish.

Pond Water has to be reasonably clean and totally free of chemical agents. Any new water that is added to the Pond needs to be treated with chlorine/chloramines remover. The pH level has to be within reasonable limits and the biological Pond filter has to be adequate to eliminate ammonia and nitrites. Additionally, Ponds have to have adequate aeration provided by fountains and/or waterfalls. Pond Fish generally stay healthy when these conditions are met.

Sometimes health problems are introduced by new pond fish or develop because conditions in the pond are less than ideal. Excellent fish medications developed specifically for Koi and other Pond Fish are available for most Pond Fish ailments, but care must be taken that dosage requirements are observed. New and better Pond Fish medications are being developed almost daily for everything from fungus to parasites as well as bacterial infections in fish. Check our on-line catalog or contact us (see home page for contact information) for specific medications. Often Pond Fish medications mentioned in books are out-dated or have been replaced with more effective treatments. Check our Pond Book Department regarding Pond Fish Disease.

Some Pond Fish, e.g. Golden Orfe are more sensitive to medications and must sometimes be separated before the medication is added to the Garden Pond. Some Fish Medications require that the filter be disconnected. Always read the instructions thoroughly!           

It is extremely important to read all the instructions and precautions on the label of pond medications.

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