Is a Waterfall Filter the right Filter for my Pond?


During the extremely cold temps my filter is busted. It was 7 years old. I’m inquiring about the waterfall filters since my waterfall is pitiful. I have about 1000 gallons, and my pump is still working. I don’t have a skimmer and am not smart enough to install one. I’m just an old lady. If you think the waterfall filter would be good, I will order it.


Hello! The Waterfall Filters are good biological Pond Filters and the Atlantic BF1000 would absolutely make a nice waterfall for you.
They are also relatively easy to install, but if it is not attached to the liner, then it needs to set at the edge of the Pond in a way that makes the lip be several inches into the Pond from the edge to prevent water loss.
You also want to make sure to put a piece of liner under the filter that overlaps several inches over the Pond liner, so that any water that might drip out runs back into the Pond.
The BF1000 comes with bags for filter material and lava rock is usually used. If the weight of lava rocks will be an issue, then the bags with light weight material that are available separately is a better option.
Materials suggested (click to go to the product)
BF1000 Waterfall Filter:
Lightweight Filter Bags

Answer to further question from same inquiry”
Hello again, Lana!
By their very nature, Pond Filters are designed to keep the Pond water healthy for flora and fauna. I guess, in that respect they do keep them clean.
A waterfall filter has mechanical and biological capabilities, so it will remove some solids (in as much as the Pond Pump sends them). If a large enough beneficial bacteria colony exists and the water values are ideal it will contribute to keeping the water clear. But that is not its function and there is no guarantee that it will.
If clear water is the objective, as well as easy installation and maintenance, then a back-flushing Pond Filter with UV might be the better option:
Pond Water health, cleanliness and clarity is a rather complicated and long subject.
We have some very good and free eBooks available in the information part of our site that elaborate more on the subject: