Koi eating the Pond Plants


My pond is 1500 gals and 4 feet in water depth.
This year I planted 5 hand batches of ragweed. I placed it in netting and weighted them down with a rock in each.
They started to grow through the netting until the Koi caught on and they have eaten all of them.
All that is left in the netting is the rock for weight purpses.
Is there a way to prevent this problem.

Howie Kerr


There is very little you can do to prevent Koi from eating the plants. Even if they do not eat them, they will destroy them during spawning.
Here are some tips to grow plants in ponds with Koi:
Arrange an area of the Pond where the water can flow freely, but the Koi cannot get into and grow the plants in there.
Use woody stemmed plants such as Hibiscus and Cattails, which Koi do not like to eat.
Plant Pond Plants in Floating Pond Planters, so that the Koi cannot reach them