Stocking levels & varieties vary

To see details of all pond fish and learn about koi, goldfish, and other pond fish, click here or read information about koi and goldfish health as well as koi medications and anti-biotics for koi,

For In Store stocking levels and information:

  • Text: 314-735-0107
  • Call: 314-894-2894
  • Email:

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At our store in St. Louis, we carry the following (stock varies and it’s best to call for availability):

  • Koi, domestic and import, standard fin, butterfly, and longfin
  • Comets & Goldfish
  • Red Fantails
  • Calico Fantails
  • Ryunkins
  • Golden Orfe
  • Sarasa Commons
  • Shubunkins
  • Banded Shark Algae Eaters (hardy and friendly)
  • Trapdoor Snails (hardy, will not over populate)
  • Catfish, Albino Catfish
  • Bullfrog Tadpoles (free w/ purchase)

Koi for Ponds

At our store, PondMarket in south St. Louis County, MO., we typically stock well over 1,000 fish in season (March – September). Our indoor fish facility is top notch utilizing state of the art filters and UV sterilizers for the healthiest fish in the area.

Customers are able to hand pick their koi, goldfish, and other pond fish and enjoy discounts when 3 or more of the same fish are purchased.

We typically stock tosai, ake nisai, and nisai, as well as larger and older fish. We purchase fish from some of the best farms domestically like Ozark Fisheries, Blue Ridge Fisheries and Kloubec Koi Farms. PondMarket also purchases koi and other fish from Malaysia, China, and Japan.