Leaking Pond

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I think that I have a leak somewhere as I have to add a lot of water every day – more than ever in the past. I know that it is summer and hot but………..the water drops about 5″ over night. My pond is about 1500 gallons. My water bill is astronomical. How do I even go about finding a leak? I can see no water coming out anywhere unless it is overspray from the waterfall. Help!
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99% of all leaks are caused by the waterfall. Consequently that is the first place to check for problems. Look around the waterfall for wet areas. Check all hoses and connections. If nothing can readily be seen, unplug the waterfall for a few hours and see if the drop in water level continues. If it does, then the leak is elsewhere in the pond.

The best way to find it is to let it continue to leak until it stops. You will then know that the leak is at that level and you can inspect the liner carefully all around the water line.