UVC Filtration


Good afternoon from Colorado: I have a small 600 gallon pond and waterfall . my pump runs at 2400 gph and I would like to know if your pt1500 pressure flo filter would work to help keep alge down? the out put line from my pump to the water falls is 1.25 inch where would I install the uvc filter in my system? Thank you for your time. Steve K


The Pressure Flo Filter would be big enough to handle you pond, but care must be taken for the pump not to over-power it.
Filters become ineffective if the water flows through them too fast (particularly the UV part of it).
2400 gph is a bit much for that size filter.
There are several ways to deal with that.
You could:
a) Split the water coming out of the pump, have only half go through the filter and meet the other half again at the top of the waterfall.
b) Use a separate, smaller pump for the filter (you can add the output to the waterfall.
c) If there is enough distance and height and depending on the performance of your pump, you can install the filter as far from and as high up behind the waterfall, so that its power is sufficiently reduced for the filter to be effective.