What is the easiest, lowest maintenance filtration system?


I have a new (installed last fall), large (20′ X 40′ 4′-5′ deep) lined pond located in Northern Minnesota. I have a lighted floating fountain and a waterfall. I do not plan to have live fish of any kind and I currently have no filtration. What is the easiest, lowest maintenance filtration system I can use to keep the water looking good? Can I simply use chemicals? Do I need to install a filter at the beginning of my waterfall? If so, how big and what kind? I do not want to install a skimmer if I can help it as I see that as a hassle with the liner and a fluctuating water level. Please advise. Thanks!!


I would suggest using pond plants and because of the size of your pond I would recommend a waterfall filter. Chemicals for a pond your size could get really exspensive, really fast.

Plants provide shade/ coverage, decoration, and can also help filter you water. 1/3 – 2/3 of your pond should have plant coverage over the water.

A waterfall filter would be a good source of filtration with filter media and a great place to colonize your beneficial bacteria. Determining what size waterfall filter is determined by your pump size, your pond size, and how much you want to do maintence wise. For your pond size and how much work you want to do, bigger is definitely better when it comes to your waterfall filter.