Winterizing my fish


Hi…I have a pond which has been operating for 5 years. I have about 20 fish, goldfish/koi, some of which are as old as the pond. Every year I have moved the fish indoors to an indoor “pond” with the exception of 1 baby found in the pond at re-opening in the spring. (They are like our pets…even have names!) They are thriving great, but I think I would like to keep them outside now year round. I am in NJ and do have snow/ice and cold, but it has been pretty mild the last few years. Because I have never left them out in the winter, do you think they would not be able to adjust now? I don’t want to do anything to harm them.


Your fish will adjust just fine with a few pre-cautions:

1) If the pond ices over there has to be a hole in the ice at all times for noxious gases (carbon monoxide) to escape. A de-icer floating =”color: rgb(0, 0, 153);”>2) The fish have to have an adequate supply of oxygen. Koi in particular have a high need for oxygen. An air pump can supply the needed amount.

3) Fish need good nutrition prior to the water getting cold – they need to store enough fat in their body to survive several months without eating.

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