An Introduction to Pond Plants (Aquatic Plants)

The terms “Aquatic Plants” and “Pond Plants” represent a wide range of Plants growing in several habitats. Some Aquatic Plants grow in deep water. Lotus and Water Lilies (Deep Water Plants) are the most famous of this pond plant group. Others grow in the shallower margins (Marginal Plants) of the pond. Many pond plants like…

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Important Facts About Pond Fish Health

Pond Fish, like all living creatures, require that certain conditions in their environment be met to sustain their health in Ponds Koi, due to their mature size and their longevity, need a little more care than goldfish. Pond Water has to be reasonably clean and totally free of chemical agents. Any new water that is…

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What are Beneficial Bacteria?

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  Beneficial bacteria should be a regularly added item to any koi pond, water garden, fish pond, and/or garden pond. Although our ponds may look natural, they are far from anything but natural. Ponds in nature receive nutrients from the earth. Our ponds are cut off from the earth with a rubber pond liner. Beneficial…

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What to do about Pond Algae

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Free How to Get Rid Of Pond Algae E-Book  When it comes to getting rid of pond algae, whether it is string algae (filamentous) or green water algae (planktonic), there are several options for koi ponds, garden ponds, water gardens, and fish ponds hobbyists.   Controlling and Killing Algae in a Pond Requires Pond Balance Balancing…

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Free Pond and Garden Care eBooks

Choose the EBooks that you like Click on the the Book Cover to download There are a variety of topics covered and always feel free to contact us if you have more questions. Enjoy and thank you. Winterizing Your Pond This e-Book offers important tips for winterizing in all climates How to prepare for Autumn…

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