Pond Skimming Systems

Pond Skimming Systems draw water from 3 sources thus reducing pump burnout from clogged pond skimmers and reducing or eliminating the beloved pond clean out,


 To see ponds that that have our Pond Skimmer Systems, visit the links below:

Pond 1, Pond 2


Pond Skimming Systems are unique to PondMarket. We developed this system for clients whom require a koi pond with the least amount of maintenance possible. Pond Skimming Systems rely on a typical pond skimmer as the main component and are complimented by a satellite or auxiliary skimmer and a bottom drain.



Here is a schematic of a skimming system:



How it works:

  1. Primary Pond Skimmer draws water via pond pump (submersible or inline/external)

  2. Auxiliary Pond Skimmer is connected to primary Pond Skimmer with flexible PVC and a bulkhead fitting.

  3. Bottom Drain is connected to Primary Pond Skimmer

Because everything is connected, water is drawn in from all three sources, the primary Pond Skimmer, the Auxiliary Pond Skimmer, and the Bottom Drain. This keeps the pond surface ultra clean, can eliminate the need for a cover net in fall months, and keeps the bottom of the pond clean as well.  Because there are 3 intake points that the pump is drawing water from. If a skimmer clogs, the pump still draws water. This eliminates a pump from burning out from lack of water.


System Components:



The Pond Skimmer System cannot be relied upon as a comprehensive filtration system. For a maintenance free, or as close to maintenance free as possible, system we recommend a pressure filter, UV light, and ionizer.

System Components:


Note: because water seeks it’s own level, and is subject to force, a single pump will draw water from the auxiliary pond skimmer, the main pond skimmer, and the bottom drain. If one or more components are clogged, water will travel through the unclogged component preventing pump burnout and fish loss from unfiltered pond water.

Possible scenarios:

  • clogged debris net or pad in main skimmer: water is drawn into main skimmer from auxiliary pond skimmer and tubing connecting the two as well as the bottom drain

  • clogged debris net in auxiliary pond skimmer: water is drawn through the main skimmer and bottom drain

  • clogged debris net in both pond skimmers: water is drawn into main skimmer through bottom drain

  • clogged bottom drain: water is drawn through both pond skimmers